The Mayan Calendar

Designer Simone Luciani and Daniele Tascini

2-4 player

90 minutes

Age 13+

Worker Placement Game

  • Theme:  In Tzolk'in players work in 5 different ancient Mayan cities to grow corn, trade resources, learn technologies, construct buildings, and honor the gods.
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium/High
  • Scalability:  Medium - plays well with 2-4 players, some worker spaces are blocked when there are less than 4 players.
  • Replay Value: High - Good mix of tactical and strategic play gives lots to think about each game. Players begin with different starting resources which can vary opening strategies.  One large expansion available that adds variability.
  • Direct Conflict: None
  • Game Mechanics:  This is a worker placement game with a unique rotating gear game board.  Players begin each turn either placing workers on the gears or removing them from the gears to take the matching action.  Each round, the gear is rotated which changes the action available for the placed workers.
  • Turn Summery: Do 1 of the following 2 things
    1. Place any number of workers on the gears and pay the required price in corn.  Each worker must be placed on the lowest available space of that gear.
    2. Remove any number of workers from the gears,  taking the action of that gear space or any lower gear space.  Actions include:
      • Gain corn, wood, stone, gold or crystal sculls resources.
      • Construct buildings for immediate benefits or monuments for end game scoring bonuses.
      • Advance on the technology tracks which can give bonus resources or actions on future turns.
      • Advance up one of the temple steps.
      • Take first player and any bonus corn that has accumulated on the main gear cogs.
  • End Game:  Game ends after one full rotation of the central calendar gear.
  • Victory:  The player with the most victory points acquired from resources, buildings and monuments, god temples and crystal skull actions wins the game.

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Tzolk'in Tribes and Prophecies

Publisher: Czech Games Edition (CGE)

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