Timeline Challenge

Designers: Frederic Henry, Cyril Demaegd

Artwork: Jeremie Fleury, Xavier Collette

Theme:  Are you ready for the Timeline Challenge?  Your journey through time begins now!  How may years between the invention of the waistcoat and of bleach?  If the crane was invented first, what comes next, the creation of the red cross or the invention of the jukebox?  In timeline challenge, these are the type of questions that you will be confronted with.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  30 Minutes
  • Player Count:  2-10 Players
  • Ages:  10+
  • Complexity of Rules: Low
  • Setup Time:  Low
  • Replay Value:  High - The cards from all other basic Timeline games can be used in this game.
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This game is date trivia game.  Players are awarded points during various trivia challenges.  The points are used to move a player piece towards the finish in the center of the game board.
  • Turn Sequence:   The space the lead player is on determines which Trial will be accomplished that turn.  The 5 Trials are:
    • The Combination - Guess the timeline order of 4 event cards.  Each card in the correct position scores 1 point.
    • The Right Date - Guess the 4 digit date of the event.  Each correct digit in the date scores 1 point.
    • The Split - Guess the difference in years of the two events.  The closest player to the correct answer scores 4 points.
    • The Bet - Make 4 different timeline position guesses from the top of the game board for 1 event card.  Some or all of the guesses can be the same position and all correct guesses score 1 point.
    •  Timeline 4 - Guess the correct position of 4 different event cards on the timeline shown at the top of the game board.  Each correct guess scores 1 point.
  • End Game/Victory:  The first player to reach the center of the board wins.


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