T.I.M.E Stories

Designer: Manuel Rozoy

Artwork: Benjamin Carré, Davitd Lecossu, Pascal Quidault

  • Theme:  As temporal agents, you and your team will be sent into different worlds or realities, into the bodies of other beings (or “receptacles”). You will control these receptacles to fulfill the missions given to you.  Communicate and collaborate to triumph over the perils standing in your path.  Carefully observe the scenes shown on the board before acting.  Complete your mission as quickly as possible. Know that you can attempt the mission as many times as necessary.  Each Tachyon Insertion allows us to send your mind into the receptacles, but it costs the agency a small fortune, so don’t disappoint us!

Game Information

  • Play Time:  90 minutes
  • Player Count:  2-4 players
  • Ages:  12+
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium/Low
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Direct Conflict:  None - The included scenario is cooperative but future scenarios may include player conflict.

How It Plays

  • Replay Value:  High - Each scenario is played until successfully completing the mission, however the game itself is made to play again and again by adding future scenario expansions.
  • Game Mechanics:  This is cooperative, deduction game with a dice rolling mechanic.  Players explore locations individually or together by placing their pawn above the location card they wish to explore.  Location cards have artwork and descriptions that tell the player what they have discovered.  Some cards require players to make a check by rolling dice to see if their character (receptacle) is able to pass a test or succeed in a fight.
  • Turn Summery:  The lead player is called the Time Captain.  Players plan and make decisions together but the Time Captain breaks ties if the players can't reach a majority decision.
    1.  Open and explore a location
      • Open a location
        1. Search the deck for the location the party has decided to explore.
        2. Place the location cards on the board in alphabetical order.
        3. The Time Captain Reads card A which describes the scene.
        4. Players all enter the location by placing agent pawns above the location card they wish to explore.  To explore a sealed location, the players must have acquired the required tokens shown on the card.
      • Explore a location
        1. Players read the location card they chose to explore and describe what they have discovered to the other players.
        2. The Time Captain may spend a Time Unit to allow players to perform actions.  Characteristic die roll tests or moving an Agent Pawn above a new location card costs 1 Time Unit.
    2.  Location Change
      1. Players leave the current location by taking back their Agent pawn.
      2. Choose a new location - It can be any location written on the Plan Map cards.
      3. Put away the current location cards by stacking them in order and placing them at the bottom of the deck.
      4. The Time Captain rolls the Time Captain die to see how many Time Units it costs to move to the new location.
      5. The player to the left of the Time Captain now becomes the new Time Captain for the new location.
  • Game End/Victory:  A mission ends If the scenario indicates a Mission Failure card must be read.  A mission also ends immediately if the time marker reaches the 0 space.  If the mission has failed, the players may reset the mission and start again with some previously discovered mapped locations and items.  If the Mission Success card is read, the players have won.




The Marcy Case

Publisher: Space Cowboys

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