The Castles of Burgundy

Designer: Stefan Feld

Artwork: Julien Delval and Harald Lieske

  • Theme:  As influential princes living in the Loire Valley during the 15th Century,  players devote their efforts to careful trading and building in order to lead their estates to prominence throughout Burgundy!.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  90 minutes
  • Player Count:  2-4 players
  • Ages:  12+
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium
  • Setup Time:  Medium/high
  • Replay Value: Medium/High
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is an estate building game with tile placement where a player's dice determines available actions.
  • Turn Summary:  All players roll their two dice simultaneously.  Start player rolls a white die to determine where the next goods tile is placed.  Players each roll 2 dice then use each die to carry one of the following actions:
    • Optionally buy 1 tile from the central black depot section of the board for 2 money (no die required).
    • Take 2 worker tiles - These can be used to manipulate future die rolls.
    • Sell goods - Sell one type of goods corresponding to the die.
    • Add a tile from a storage space to the player's estate on a space corresponding to the die.  If it is a building take the building action.  If a region is now full, score victory points as show on the player board plus round bonus shown on the central board.  If all spaces of a certain type are now full, take the top bonus scoring tile from the central board.
    • Take a tile from a space on the game board that matches the die number.  Place it on an empty storage space on the player board.
  • End Game:  Game ends 5 phases of 5 rounds.
  • Victory:  The player with the most victory points from building tiles, knowledge tiles, sold goods, region bonuses, remaining money, remaining goods, and remaining workers wins.



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Publisher: Ravensburger

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