Steampunk Rally

Designer: Orin Bishop

Artwork: David Forest and Lina Cossette

  • Theme: It is the turn of the 20th century, a renaissance of steam, steel and the mysterious power of electricity!  The mad genius, Nikola Tesla, has summoned the world's greatest minds to challenge them in a no-holds barred race through the Swiss Alps.  On this neutral ground, the competitors will construct, push to the breaking point and jury-rig fantastical contraptions of their own design to crown, once and for all, the greatest inventory of all time!

Game Information

  • Play Time:  2-8 players
  • Player Count:  60 minutes
  • Ages:  14+
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Replay Value: Medium/High
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a dice rolling, card drafting, racing game.  Players simultaneously draft and play 1 card from a hand of 4 and pass the remaining cards.  Cards are drafted in this way until 4 cards are played by each player.  Cards are used either to add dice or cogs, add a section to their race invention, or to give a special boost power.  New dice are rolled and added to spaces on a players racing machine which move the machine down the track, create different dice or repair damage.
  • Turn Summary:
    • Draft Phase:  Each player draws 1 card from each deck to create a hand of 4 cards.
      1. Players select 1 card from their hand and place it face down in front of them.
      2. Reveal the selected card simultaneously and perform one of the following actions:
        • Construct - Attach it to the race invention using the building rules.
        • Generate Power - Discard the selected card and chose one type of die shown in the upper right hand corner. Take the amount shown from supply.
        • Gain Cogs - Discard the selected card and take the number of cogs from supply shown in the upper right hand corner.
        • Stash Boost - If the selected card was a Boost card you can place it face down under your Damage Gage to be played during the phase shown on the card.
      3. Players Pass their remaining cards in the direction indicated by the Play Direction token.  Repeat these steps until all 4 cards have been played before moving on to the Vent Phase.
    • Vent Phase:  Use cogs to reduce pips on dice currently played on inventions.  For each cog spent, reduce the value of dice up to 2 pips.  (2 pips on one die or 1 pip on 2 different die.)  If the die would be reduced to 0, remove the die from the invention and discard it to the supply.
    • Race Phase:  
      1. Players simultaneously roll all the dice in their dice pool and accomplish the following action in any order:
      • Spend Cogs - Cogs can be spent to re-roll a die or to increase the value of a die by 1.
      • Activate a Machine Part with open slots- Place one die on an open slot in a machine and take the machine part's action.  Resolve any race effects shown on the race track spaces that are landed on with forward motion.
      • Activate Machine Parts with Light Bulb Icons. - Flip over the light bulb token to it's dark side.  Activate all machine parts that have light bulb icons taking their actions.
    • Damage Phase:
      •  If a player's Damage Gauge is at 0 or above do not adjust it.
      • If a player's Damage Gauge is below 0, they must discard a number of machine parts from their invention shown in red on the Damage Gauge.  
      • If this causes the last Cockpit card to be discarded then the invention has exploded.  Move pawn one space behind the player in last place or 1 place toward the starting line if already in last place.  Discard all other machine cards except the inventor cockpit and reset the damage gauge to 0.
    • End of Round:
      • Store Dice - Optionally store any unused dice on available machine parts storage slots.  These dice may be added to their dice pool on a future round.
      • Return any unused dice to the supply
      • Flip Light Bulb Token over to it's light side.
      • Flip play direction token to it's opposite side.
  • End of Game:  When a player crosses the finish line it signals the next round will be the last and final round played out as normal.
  • Victory:  After the final round, the player in first place wins.  If there is a tie, the player with the most machine parts in their invention wins.



Publisher: Roxley Games

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