Sherlock Holmes

Consulting Detective

Designers: Gary Grady, Suzanne Goldberg, Raymond Edwards

Artwork: Arnaud Demaegd, Neriac

Theme:  You are a member of the Baker Street Irregulars working to solve mysteries before the Master!  You are either investigating the mysteries cooperatively as a group, or trying to win individually against up to 7 other investigators.

The curse of the mummy, the murders of the Thames, the mysteries of London, the stolen paintings... strange cases of the most famous detective ever:  Sherlock Holmes!  Equipped with a copy of The Times, a map of London, a directory and more importantly - your logic, you will roam the streets of London trying to solve the most heinous crimes.  Will you visit the crime scene?  Meet Inspector Lestrade?  The decision is in your hands and each clue that you follow will bring you a step closer to the truth.

Game Information

  • Player Count:  1-7 players
  • Play Time:  60-120 Minutes
  • Ages:  13+
  • Complexity of Rules: Low
  • Setup Time:  Low
  • Replay Value: Medium - The game comes with unique 10 cases to solve.
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a deduction game.  Players begin the game by reading a case introduction.  They then take turns visiting locations and exploring leads by reading that location's entry in the case booklet.  Once players have enough information to solve the case, they answer a series of questions to see how well they understand what happened.
  • Turn Summary:
    1. Choose a lead to follow and read the corresponding lead in the case book.
      • A newspaper from that day can be studied for leads.
      • A map of London shows locations to be investigated.
      • A London directory of residents and businesses shows locations that can be investigated.
      • A key list of allies such as police, journalists and archivists with their addresses is available.
  • End Game:  Game ends when players have a solution to the case.  Players then answer a series of questions to determine how well they understand what happened.
  • Victory:  The score is calculated by adding together points from correct answers.  Subtract 5 points for each lead taken above the number of leads Holmes needed to solve the case.  If played cooperatively the group's score is compared to that of Holmes score.  If played competitively, players scores are compared to each other and highest score wins.


Publisher: Ystari Games

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