Santiago De Cuba

Designer Michael Rieneck

Artwork Michael Menzel and Hans-Georg Schneider

2-4 player

40-60 minutes

Ages 10+

Worker Placement Game, Pick Up and Deliver Game


  • Theme:  In the bustling city of Santiago Cuba, players buy and trade goods with the locals for delivery to waiting cargo ships.
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium/Low
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Replay Value: Medium - The variable board setup can alter strategies between games.
  • Direct Conflict: Low
  • Game Mechanics:  This is a light worker placement, pick up and deliver game where a roll of the dice determines the demand for various goods.
  • Turn Summary:
    1.  Visit a Cuban or Port
      • Cuban - Move the car to one of the Cubans and take the goods or action the Cuban provides.
      • Port - Players take turns delivering goods to the cargo ship for victory points until the demand shown on the die reaches 0 or all players pass.  If all dice reach 0 then the ship departs (round advances) and the dice are re-rolled.
    2.  Use a building with your worker - Take the action of one of the 3 buildings that matches the color of the visited Cuban.
  • End Game:  Game ends after the departure of the 7th cargo ship.
  • Victory:  The player with the most victory points acquired from delivering goods, using various buildings and visiting the dancer wins.




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Publisher: Eagle Gryphon Games

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