Pandemic Legacy

Designer Matt Leacock

Artwork: Chris Quiliams

Theme:  A Virus tougher than the rest.  Nothing your team can't handle.  But January turns into February...  What results is a year that will never be forgotten.  This is no ordinary virus.  This is no ordinary year.   The results of this year will be spoken in whispers for generations.  Can your team save humanity?  Can your team make it through the year?  Can your team face month after month of surprises, set backs, and fleeting victories?

Game Information

  • Player Count:  2-4 players
  • Play Time:  60 Minutes
  • Ages 13+
  • Complexity of Rules: Medium
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Replay Value:  The game is played 12-24 times in one continuous campaign.
  • Direct Conflict:  None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a cooperative, set collection, action point allocation game.   Infection cards are drawn to spread diseases across the map.  Players use use their hand of cards along with 4 actions each turn to move about the map to treat and cure diseases.   The game rules will change however as the months are played out.
  • Turn Summary:   These rules are modified from this basic pandemic turn structure as the campaign unfolds.
    1. Take 4 of the following actions - Each action may be done multiple times.
      • Move to a connected city
      • Discard a card to move to that city.
      • Discard a card from the city you are in to move to any other city.
      • Move from one research station to another.
      • Build a Research Station - Discard the city card that matches the city you are in and place a research station in that city.
      • Treat Disease - Remove 1 disease cube from the city you are in.
      • Share Knowledge - Give or Take a city card from a player who is in the same city as you.  The card must mach the city you are in.
      • Discover a cure - Discard 5 matching color city cards to cure that color disease.
    2. Draw 2 cards from the player deck - If an epidemic card is drawn, the disease spreads using the epidemic rules.  Outbreaks may occur (more than 3 disease cubes of a single color in a city.)   Discard down to 7 cards.
    3.   Draw the number of infection cards shown on the infection rate track and infect those cities with a disease cube.  Outbreaks may occur (more than 3 disease cubes of a single color in a city.)
  • End Game/Victory:  Each month there are different objectives and victory conditions.


Publisher: Z-Man Games

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