Back after a break:

I took a break from working on the site but am happy to say that I am back and have added a new game today.   Steam Time is one of my new favorite medium/light worker placement games.  It has a quality that I look for more and more in my games: - it is fun!  That might seem like obvious thing to want from our games but with so many good games to chose from now days,  the fun factor is the thing that separates games I want to come back to and those that only get a play or two.

I also am happy to introduce my new site logo!


This was created by Delapouite and modified by me under CC 3.0 licencing.

A Carcassonne For Every Occasion.

I've got the latest versions of Carcassonne up - Over Hill and Dale.  In Carcassonne Over Hill and Dale you are able to move your road meeple back and forth on a path for points.   It also has a set collection mechanic with little harvest tokens which are acquired by completing a farmers field.  This one is a great entry point into the the series.  All of the new Carcassonnes have outstanding updated art and interesting themes.


This year's BGG Convention was loads of fun.  I played a ton of games and got to see many demo's for some great upcoming games. 

My favorite of the new game releases I got to play was The Gallerist by Vital Lacerda.  Not only is it a great game but it also has one of the best rule books and player aids I have seen in a game. The only negative is the unnecessarily large box it comes in.  I highly recommend this one if you like euros.



I just want to take time to thank my friendly local game store Ettin Games for generously allowing me to photograph many of their demo games for the site.

If you are ever in the Humble TX area I encourage you to stop in to Ettin Games.  They have very active tabletop gaming groups as well as a massive demo game library with lots of table space to try them out.


We have a new featured reviewer JonGetsGames.  Jon is one of the best on youtube at explaining board game rules.  He also gives excellent very useful reviews with detailed positives and negatives about every game. 

Here is his youtube channel that I highly recommend subscribing to:

If you like his channel he also also has a patreon that I support: