Mage Knight

Designer: Vlaada Chvatil

Artwork: J. Lonnee, Milan Vavron, Chris Raimo

Theme:  You are a Mage Knight, sent to invade the Atlantean Empire at the behest of the Council of the Void.  In a past you have long forgotten, you traded your independence for powers that rival those of the gods.  In exchange, the Council asks only loyalty; and now you are being called on to carry out your mission without question.  Your reward for your continued obedience: fame, power, knowledge and treasure.  Anything you encounter while on your mission is yours to keep, and you are free to work with or against your fellow Mage Knights.

The Mage Knight board game is an epic game of exploration and conquest.  Take control of one of four powerful Mage Knight Heroes and play a variety of competitive and cooperative scenarios as you vie to build your own personal legend.

Game Information

  • Player Count:  1-4 players
  • Play Time:  60-120 minutes depending on the scenario.
  • Ages 14+
  • Complexity of Rules: High
  • Setup Time:  Medium/High
  • Replay Value:  High - There are several unique scenarios and each scenario can be played multiple times with different strategies and outcomes.  There are also several expansions available.
  • Direct Conflict:  The game can be played cooperatively, semi cooperatively or competitively

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a thematic, card drafting, deck building, exploration game.  Players use a hand of action cards to explore the game board and accomplish scenario goals.  Mana from dice and crystals are used to power up the cards for stronger actions.
  • Turn Summary:
    1. If the players deck is empty at the beginning of the turn, they may declare the end of the round.  If their hand is empty they must declare the end of the round.
    2. Play cards from hand to perform actions.  Cards have normal actions or special actions if played with the appropriate mana token or crystal.  One mana token (die) can be taken from the die source to be used each turn.  Actions include:
      • Movement Actions - Move Mage Knight or reveal new game board tiles.
      • Combat Actions - Attack map locations or engage monsters in combat.  Some scenarios also have player combat.
      • Interact with Locals - Use influence to recruit, heal or buy more powerful cards.
      • Rest - Cards can be kept in hand for future turns but if no cards are played it is considered a rest action and 1 non-wound card must be discarded.  Rest allows players to discard any number of wound cards from hand.
      • Slow Recovery - discard 1 wound card.
    3. Reroll any used mana dice and return to the source
    4. Discard all played cards.
    5. Claim any combat and level up rewards.
    6. Draw back up to hand size limit.
  • End Game:  Each scenario has a different end game condition
  • Victory:  Fame points are acquired from exploration, combat, achievements and special scenario goals.  The player with the most fame points wins.




Shades of Tezla

The Lost Legion

Krang Character Expansion

Publisher: WizKids

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