Automotive Revolution

Designer: Vital Lacerda

Artwork: Naomi Robinson, Vital Lacerda

Theme:  Kanban (Japanese word for billboard) is a term for the visual cues that might be used in a lean, efficient assembly line in order to expedite and smooth workflow.  The Game is set in a car factory,  You are ambitious workers, trying to impress the factory manager, in order to secure your careers.  You must outshine your peers through solid management.  You need to manage supply, improve designs, innovate - anything to stay on the cutting edge, even if it means getting your hands greasy on the assembly line.  You must exercise wisdom in choosing which plans you should start, because minimizing waste is crucial.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  60-120 minutes
  • Player Count:  2-5 players
  • Ages:  12+
  • Complexity of Rules:  High
  • Setup Time:  Medium/High
  • Replay Value: High
  • Direct Conflict:  None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a worker placement, action point allocation, heavy strategy game.  Players take turns assigning their worker to a workstation along the track in the center of the board.  Each workstation has a number of shifts (actions) that can be taken in that department by the player.  Players are trying to efficiently acquire parts and designs then turn those parts and designs into cars and upgraded parts.  Sandra the supervisor moves along each department over the course of a week and evaluates the players on their progress, either taking points away for doing poorly or awarding points for doing well.  Over the course of the game meetings are called that allow players to get bonus points for meeting certain project goals.
  • Round Summary:
    1. Department Selection Phase - At the start of each day, players take turns from left to right in the workstation alley moving their worker to a new department workstation.  Sandra moves to the next available department workstation or her office desk if the next department is administration.  When it's Sandra's turn she will award points to the leader in the certification track of that department if they have met certain goals.  If she is in her office she will also trigger end of week scoring.
    2. Working Phase - Left to right down the workstation alley players take turns spending the number of shifts shown at the workstation to take actions in that department.
      1. Testing and Innovation Department:
        • Spend 1-3 shifts to claim a car on the track depending on it's position behind the pace car.  The player must have a design of that model car.  The design is placed under the central draw pile and the car is placed in the player's garage.  Move the pace car one space forward for each car claimed.  If the pace car reaches a checkered space move the meeting cube to the administration department to signal an upcoming meeting.
        • Spend 1 shift to upgrade the design of a part.  The player must have a part design as well as the matching part cube.  The cube is placed on an open upgrade space for that car model.  The car part's value marker is moved up 1 space.  The player flips over the design tile and places it next to their player board.
        • Spend 1 shift to move up the testing and innovation department certification track.
      2. Assembly Line Department:
        • Clear out assembly spaces for any model whose assembly spaces are filled.
        • Spend 1 shift to add a car to the assembly line.  The player adds one car part to an open assembly space for that model car.  All parts must be different.  If the model has any upgraded parts, those parts must be added first before any others may be added.   The car is added to the line and other cars are pushed down the line respecting the arrows.  If a car comes out of the bottom, it is added to the back of the line on the test track.
        • Spend 1 shift to move up the assembly line department certification track.
      3. Logistics Department:
        • Spend 1 shift to use a Kanban Order card to add parts to the warehouse and bank 1 shift.
        • Spend 1 shift to collect the car parts from a warehouse space.
        • Spend 1 shift to move up the logistics department certification track.
      4. Design Department:
        • Spend 1 shift to select a design and add it to player board.
        • Spend 1 shift to move up the design department certification track.
      5. Administration Department:
        • Pick any one department to micro-manage and spend shifts there.
        • Spend 1 shift to move up the administration department certification track
  • End Game:  The meeting marker and the week marker track the end of the game.  When 1 of them is in the 3rd space and the other is on the 2nd, the end of game is triggered.  Finish the day including a possible meeting or end of week scoring and then proceed to final scoring.
  • Victory:  There are many ways to earn Productivity Points during the game including manufacturing cars, upgrading part designs, acquiring certifications, achieving performance goals, factory manager awards, testing upgraded designs, and end game achievement bonuses.  The player with the most productivity points wins. 



Publisher: Stronghold Games

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