Grand Austria Hotel

Designers: Simone Luciani & Virginio Gigli

Artwork: Klemens Franz

Theme:  Right in the thick of the Viennese Modern Age, exquisite cafe's are competing for customers.  Inspiring artists, important politicians, and tourists from all over the world are populating Vienna and are in need of a hotel room  This is your opportunity to turn your little cafe into a world famous hotel.  Hire staff, fulfill the wishes of your guests, and gain the emperor's favor.  Only then will your cafe become the Grand Austria Hotel.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  90
  • Player Count: 1-4 players
  • Ages: 12+
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Replay Value: High - Variable bonus scoring goals change strategies every game.
  • Direct Conflict:  None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a dice drafting, card drafting, economic game.  Players draft guest cards to place in their cafe.  Dice are then drafted for the actions they provide.  Players use the actions to satisfy the guest's cafe orders and move them into available hotel rooms.  Actions also allow staff cards to be played which give various rewards and end game bonuses.
  • Round Summary:  In each round players take two turns in the order shown on their turn order tiles.
    1. Optionally take a guest cards from the board, paying the required money then place it under an available cafe space.
    2. Take a die and carry out the corresponding action.  Actions include:
      1. Take 1 strudel or cake for each die on this action space.  Players may not take more cake than strudel.  The dish may be immediately placed on guest orders or placed in the player's kitchen.
      2. Take 1 wine or coffee for each die on this action space.  Players may not take more coffee than wine.  The drinks may be immediately placed on guest orders or placed in the player's kitchen.
      3. Prepare 1 room for each die on this action space.  Pay the required cost for the room and take a matching color tile from supply.  Place the tile unoccupied side up on a room that is adjacent to an already placed tile.
      4. For each die on this action space advance 1 space on the Emperor track or Money track.  The total may be split between tracks.
      5. Play 1 staff card.  for each die on this track the cost of the staff card is reduced by 1.
      6. Pay 1 money then choose any of the 5 other actions to take.  The action is based on the number of dice showing 6 and not the dice on the chosen action space.
    3. Take additional free actions:
      • Once per turn pay 1 money to add 1 to the number of dice on the chosen action space.
      • Pay 1 money to move up to 3 dishes and drinks from your kitchen to a guest order.
      • Place a player disc on a politics card whose goal has been achieved, earning the victory points.
      • Use a staff card that has been played with a once per round effect.  Turn the card over to show it has been used.
      • Move a guest whose order has been completed to a prepared room.  Flip the room tile to it's occupied side.
    4. Instead of taking a turn a player may pass.  When all other players have either passed or taken their two turns,  remove 1 die from the remaining pool then Re-roll the rest and continue play using the turn order tiles to determine player order until everyone has taken 2 turns.
  • End Game:  Game ends after the 7th round. 
  • Victory:   Points are awarded during the game-play for completing guest orders, filling groups of rooms with guests, accomplishing politic card goals, and moving up the Emperor track.  End game scoring awards points for Staff card end game goals, occupied rooms, money and leftover dishes and drinks.  5 points are lost for each guest remaining in the cafe.  The player with the most victory points wins.



Publisher Mayfair Games

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