Eldritch Horror

Designers: Corey Konieczka and Nikki Valens

Artwork: Michael Silsby, Dallas Melhoff, Chris Beck, and Shaun Boyke

Theme:  The World stands on the brink of catastrophe.  The year is 1926, and an elder being of unfathomable power threatens to awaken from its long slumber, bringing death and madness in its wake.  Strange cults and unspeakable monsters wreak havoc on every continent as the fabric of reality tears itself apart, opening gates to bizarre other worlds.  Only a few, brave investigators understand what is truly happening.  These tenacious souls come from every walk of life to pit their skills and weapons against the threat of the Ancient One.  It falls to them to explore the most remote corners of the globe, to fight the nightmarish creatures that lurk in the shadows, and to find the answers to the ancient mysteries of this Eldritch Horror!

Game Information

  • Play Time:  60-120 minutes
  • Player Count:  1-8 players
  • Ages:  14+
  • Complexity of Rules:  Medium/High
  • Setup Time:  Medium/High
  • Replay Value:  Medium/High - There are several expansions available.
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a thematic, cooperative, dice rolling, action point game.  Players take two actions on each turn to move around the map board, resolve various encounters, and uncover clues to solve three different mysteries.  Tests to resolve combat and other encounters are accomplished by rolling dice.  Various character ability levels determine how many dice are rolled.  Successes are any rolled 5 or 6. 
  • Round Summery: 
    1. Action Phase - Players take turns completing 2 of the following actions:
      • Travel - Move between one connected city and another.  Trade in travel tickets to make additional moves.
      • Rest - Recover 1 health and 1 sanity.
      • Trade - Trade any number of possessions with another player in the same location.
      • Prepare for Travel - Take a travel ticket.
      • Acquire Assets - If on a city space, the player may make an influence test to acquire one of the face up asset cards.
      • Take a Character Special Action or Component Card Action.
    2. Encounter Phase -Players take turns resolving 1 of the following encounters.
      • Combat Encounter - If the player is on a space with a monster they must resolve a combat encounter.
      • Location Encounter - Draw a matching location card that matches the color of the space and resolve the encounter.
      • Token Encounters - If there is a token on the space, the player may draw and resolving the token's matching card.
    3. Mythos Phase - The lead investigator draws the top Mythos card and resolves the effects of the card in order.
  • End Game/Victory:  The players win if they solve 3 mysteries before the Ancient One awakens.  If the Ancient One awakens, the players must also solve the Final Mystery to win.  Players lose the game if unable to solve the mysteries before the Mythos deck runs out, if all investigators are eliminated from the game, or if a card's effect states that the game is lost.




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Publisher Fantasy Flight

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