Dungeon Lords

Designer: Vlaada Chvátil

Artwork:  Filip Murmak

Theme: Are you ready for heroic deeds that win you fame, wealth and the hearts of beautiful maidens?  Well, then go and play another game!  This one is for people who want to know what it takes to build and run a dungeon.  Where to get all those minions and monsters, and how to keep them satisfied.  And how it feels when some band of do-gooders try and ruin all that work! 

Game Information

  • Player Count:  2-4
  • Play Time:  90 Minutes
  • Ages:  13+
  • Complexity of Rules:  High
  • Setup Time:  Medium/High
  • Replay Value:  Medium/High - A large expansion is available.
  • Direct Conflict:  None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a worker placement game.  Players select 3 actions from a set of cards and then in turn order, place workers on the action spaces.  A worker placed later gives a better version of the action.  The actions are used to prepare a players dungeon for the combat phase of the game in which adventurers explore the dungeon and battle the player's monsters and traps.
  • Building Round Summary:  4 of the following rounds are accomplished and then a combat round occurs.
    1.  Select Orders - Play 3 of the available orders cards to player board.  Orders include:
      • Get food
      • Improve Reputation - As shown on the evil meter.
      • Dig Tunnels
      • Mine gold
      • Recruit Imps
      • Buy Traps
      • Hire Monsters
      • Build a Room
    2.  Place Minion Workers - In turn order place minions to the action spaces as selected by orders cards.
    3. Production - Use available imps in rooms to produce the rooms benefit.
    4. Event Phase - Resolve the round's event tile
    5. Adventurers Phase - Assign adventurers to the players based on their evil rating.
    6. Return workers and if this is the end of the 4th round proceed to a combat round.
  • Combat Round Summary
    1. Planning Phase:
      • Choose a dungeon tile for the adventures to explore
      • Choose and pay for any traps
      • Choose 1 monster to battle the adventurers - if in a room, 2 monsters may be used.
    2. Reveal Combat Card - This will adjust the rules of the battle and show how much fatigue damage the adventures take.
    3. Battle Phase:
      • Battles resolve in the following order: Traps, Fast Spells, Monsters, Slow Spells, Healing, Conquering
      • Combat ends when either the adventures are eliminated, there are no tiles left to explore, or 4 rounds have been fought.
  • End Game:  Game ends after 2 years.  A year is 4 building rounds and 1 combat round.
  • Victory:  Points are acquired for unconquered rooms, surviving monsters, captured adventurers, room bonuses, and title bonuses.  Points are subtracted for conquered tiles and red marks.  The player with the most points wins.





Dungeon Lords: Festival Season

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Publisher: Czech Games Edition (CGE)

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