Designer: Rikki Tahta

Artwork: Luis Francisco, Jerek Nocon

  • Theme:  In the future where the government is run for profit, all but a privileged few live lives of poverty and desperation.  The Resistance rises out of these oppressed masses in revolt and throws the government into chaos.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  15 Minutes
  • Player Count:  2-6 players - A special variant is available for 2 player games.
  • Ages:  13+
  • Complexity of Rules:  Low
  • Setup Time:  Low
  • Replay Value: Medium - It's fun fast play time usually results in multiple plays per session.
  • Direct Conflict: High

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a bluffing, deduction, card game.  Players begin with 2 character cards that allow special action on their turn and may bluff by taking an action they do not posses.
  • Turn Summary:
    1. Take one of the available action on the cards in hand or bluff and take a different action.  The actions are:
      • Income - Take one coin.
      • Foreign Aid - Take 2 coins.
      • Coup - Pay 7 coins to force a player to lose influence on one of their character cards.
      • Duke Card: Tax - Take 3 coins.  Blocks foreign aid.
      • Assassin Card: Assassinate - Pay 3 coins to force a player to lose influence on one of their character cards.
      • Ambassador Card: Exchange a character card with the draw pile. Blocks stealing.
      • Captain Card: Steal - Take 2 coins from another player. Blocks stealing.
      • Contessa - Blocks Assassination.
    2. An action may be challenged to see if the player has the required card.  After a challenge, the loser loses influence and turns one card face up.  If a challenge player shows their card and wins the challenge, the card is discarded into the draw deck which is shuffled and a new card is drawn.
  • End Game/Victory:  Game ends when all but 1 player is eliminated - the remaining player wins.




Coup - Reformation

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