Castle Panic

Designer: Justin De Witt

Theme: The forest is filled with all sorts of Monsters, Goblins, Orcs, and even mighty Trolls lurk in the shadows.  they watched dand waited as you built your Castle and trained your soldiers, but now they've gathered their army and are marching out of the woods.  Can you work with your friends to defend your Castle against the horde, or will the Monsters tear down your Walls and destroy the Precious Castle Towers?

Game Information

  • Player Count:  1-6 players
  • Play Time:  60 Minutes
  • Ages 10+
  • Complexity of Rules: Medium/Low
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Replay Value: Medium - There are 2 expansion available that add more challenges.
  • Direct Conflict: None


How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics: 

    Castle Panic is a cooperative, hand management, tower defense style game.  Players play cards to attack monsters approaching the Castle.  Some cards also allow players to build defenses or push monsters back.

  • Turn Summary:
    1.  Draw cards up to the hand limit - Hand limit depends on player count.
    2.  Optionally discard a card and draw a new card.
    3.  Optionally trade a card with another player - In a 6 player game 2 cards may be traded.
    4.  Play cards - player can play any amount of cards to attack or build
      • Attack - Chose a monster in the matching ring shown on the played card and decrease the monsters health by 1.
      • Build - Play brick and mortar cards to rebuild a wall that has been destroyed
      • Special Action Cards - Play these to slow or drive monsters back.
    5.  Move Monsters - Any remaining monsters move 1 ring closer to the Castle.  If a monster hits a wall, the wall is destroyed and the monster takes 1 damage.
    6. Draw 2 New Monsters - Roll the die to determine where they are placed.
  • End Game:  The game ends when either the last Tower is destroyed by the monsters or when all 49 monsters have been slain.
  • Victory:   The players lose if the tower is destroyed and win if the monsters are destroyed.  If the players win, the player who has accumulated the most points from slain monsters is declared the Master Slayer.


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