Camel Up

Designer: Steffen Bogen

Artwork:  Dennis Lohausen

Theme:  As members of Egyptian high society, players gather in the desert with one simple goal: to gain the most money by backing the right camel to win a leg or even the entire race.  However the dynamics of the race and having a good sense of timing is just as important when it comes to backing the right camels and taking the victory.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  30 minutes
  • Player Count:  2-8 players
  • Ages:  8+
  • Complexity of Rules: Medium/Low
  • Setup Time:  Medium/Low
  • Replay Value: Medium
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a dice rolling, betting game.  The pyramid holds a die for each color camel.  One of the actions a player can take is to roll a die from the pyramid.  The die shows which camel moves and how far.  When moving, the camel carries any camels on top with it and If it lands on a space with other camels, it is stacked on top.
  • Turn Summary: Take one of the following actions:
    1. Take the top Leg Betting Tile of any stack -  Player is betting on that camel to win the leg. A leg ends after all dice are rolled.
    2. Place or move desert tile on the track to try and influence the race - Player's desert tile may be flipped to either side but not placed adjacent to another player's tile or on the first space.
    3. Take a pyramid tile and role a pyramid die to move a camel.
    4. Bet on the overall winner or overall loser by placing 1 of your Race Betting cards face down on the appropriate betting space.
  • End Game:  Game ends after a camel crossed the finish line.
  • Victory: The player with the most money acquired from betting and moving the camels wins.




Camel Cup: Supercup

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Publisher: Z-Man Games

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