Airlines Europe

Designer: Alan R. Moon

Arwork: Christian Fiore

  • Theme:  The age of passenger aviation has begun.  Courageous entrepreneurs establish the fist airlines and compete for the few available licenses in the European air space.  The rapidly growing market and the chance for high gains attract high powered investors.  But only the ones that use their influence skillfully and their cash wisely will turn their investments into the most profitable airlines.

Game Information

  • Play Time:  75 minutes
  • Player Count:  2-5 players
  • Ages:  13+
  • Setup Time:  Medium
  • Replay Value: Medium
  • Direct Conflict: None

How It Plays

  • Game Mechanics:  This is a set collection, route building game.  Airline routes are represented by airplane markers on the board and can be bought to increase the victory point value of that airline.  Cards representing stock in the different airlines are played down from the players hand.  There are 3 scoring rounds.  Victory points are awarded to players who have shares in each airline based on the value of that airline, with more points going to those with more shares.
  • Turn Summary:  Take 1 of the following actions:
    1. Purchase 1 or 2 routes and take a share card.
    2. Play share card(s) from hand and take 2 money for each card played down.
    3. Aquire Air Abacus shares - Trade unwanted shares for Air Abacus shares.  These have special scoring rules and no routes.
    4. Take 8 money.
  • End Game:  Game ends after scoring rounds.
  • Victory:  The player with the most total victory points from the 3 scoring rounds wins.



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Publisher: Rio Grande Games

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